90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper


90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper

A Truck crashed into my car and I died for 90 minutes,
when the Doctors revived me, I knew I had visited Heaven….

When I died, I didn’t flow through a long, dark tunnel. I had no
sense of fading away or coming back.  Never felt my body being
transported into the light. I heard no voices calling to me or anything

A very brilliant light enveloped me, beyond earthly comprehension. In my
next moment of awareness, I was standing in Heaven. A feeling of great
happiness came in me as I looked around, and at that moment I became
aware of a large crowed of people. They stood in front of a brilliant,
ornate gate.

I have no idea how far away they were, such things as distances didn’t matter.

As the crowd moved toward me, I knew instantly that all of them had died
during my life time. Their presence seemed absolutely natural. They
rushed toward me, and everyone person was smiling, shouting and praising

Intuitively, I knew they were my celestial welcoming committee, although no one said so.

It was as if they had all gathered just outside of heaven’s gate, waiting for me.

 The first person I recognize was my grandfather. He looked exactly as I
remembered him with his shock of white hair. He stopped momentarily and
stood in front of me. A wide smile covered his face. I have no idea why
my grandfather was the first person I saw He wasn’t one of the great
spiritual guides of my life, although he certainly influence me
positively in that way.

After being hugged by my grandfather. I didn’t remember who was second
or third. The crowd surrounded me. Some hugged me and a few kissed my
check, while others shaked my hands. Never had I felt more loved.

I wasn’t conscious of anything I had left behind and felt no regrets about leaving family or possessions.

It was as if God had removed anything negative from my consciousness,
and I could only rejoice at being together with these wonderful people.

They look exactly as I once know them, although they were more radiant and joyful than they had been on earth.

 My great-grandmother, Hattie Mann, was a native of America. As a child,
I saw her only after she had developed osteoporosis (a condition in
which the bones become weak and are easily broken). Her head and
shoulders were bent forward giving her a humped appearance. The other
thing that stands out in my memory is that she had false teeth – which
she didn’t wear often.

Yet when she smile at me in Heaven , her teeth  shone brightly with a
flashes of light, I knew they were hers, and when she smiled, it was the
most beautiful smiled I had never seen.

Then I notice something else. She wasn’t bent forward. She stood strong
and upright and the wrinkles had been erased from her face. I have no
idea what age she was.

As I stared at her beaming face, I sensed that age has no meaning in
Heaven. All of the people I encountered were the same age they had been
the last time I had seen them (except that all their challenges of
living on earth had vanished).

When I first stood in Heaven, they were still in front of me and rushing
toward me. They embraced me, and no matter which direction I looked, I
saw someone I had loved and who loved me.

They surrounded me, moving around so that everyone had a chance to
welcome me into Heaven. I felt loved – more loved than ever before in my
life. When the doctors revived me I knew I had visited Heaven.


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