I never believed in the existence of mermaids as I thought there are only demons until I was snatched to the bottom of the sea and saw mermaid prisons and demons and how they attack human beings. .

We have 4 signs to understand you are under attack by the mermaids.

I was at home while my mother-in-law was in prayer. The Lord appeared to me one more time and led me to see these prisons existing at the bottom of the sea.

The marine kingdom has invaded many churches and the Lord took me to see that many people are arrested in evil prisons and their souls are captive within these prisons, while their bodies are still alive and moving on Earth.

It is important that we understand that life with God is essential to being free or for the evil spirits to not invade your life. Marine spirits are invading family homes and many churches through their undercover agents.

Many are speaking in tongues as if it were the gift of the Holy Spirit but unconsciously their prayers are distorted. Their prayers are not answered by God but Satan fulfills their requests. Many people are driven by these demons that play the role of angels or the Holy Spirit in many lives that have no life with God, who has no holiness and has no renunciation.

Most of the time these marine spirits use specific animals to destroy humanity. The most used animal is snakes. The favorite shape that they use to seduce men and women of God or tie their lives is fishes in the form of mermaids.

Many people are dreaming of night sex because they are dreaming of weddings with marine spirits. If they engage sexually in their dreams, it is possible that they are consummating their marriages with mermaids spirits.

Many children of God have fallen sexually in their dreams doing the role of night wives and husbands. These people who get sexually involved in dreams cannot succeed in marriage and they have no peace in marriage because they have already joined in union with marine spirits and their stars (that is, their destinies, their success, their promotions, etc) have been stolen.

These spirits come to sleep with them in dreams using images of close friends and family members. There are many spirits that do this sleeping job with many people at night.

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According to the teaching that God gave me, the mermaids are the most specialized to do this kind of night wedding. They are also responsible for vanity. They are also responsible for depraved sexual positions. They are also responsible for excessive use of jewelry, lipsticks and makeup, short skirts, tight pants. They are responsible for all women who publish indecent photos on Facebook. They are responsible for perfumes and flashy cars.

These marine spirits are responsible for making many people deviate from the presence of God through sensuality. They create an obsession for the perfume that is expensive to the point they rather buy this perfume instead of helping those who are hungry and who needs help.

Such people are under the influence of marine spirits. The Brazilians call these spirits pomba-gira spirit. Their greatest strength is the waters where thousands of servants of God have fallen through forces that come from the waters because the strength of seduction comes from underneath waters.

That spirit is also considered Jezebel. She is the spirit that plays a very big role in taking people to Hell through fashion, through soap operas, through films and pornography, through spiritual serpents that lead men and women to be obsessed with sex not feeling satisfied with their husbands and wives and leading them to sleep around even though they have husbands and wives at home. These spiritual serpents lead people to live a constant practice of masturbation.

My brothers, this is a big war against those powers that already have brought down great leaders and can take down any of us who are not watchful. When the fallen angels were expelled from Heaven, they fell in maritime places. They rule the marine kingdom and are dressed in snakes’ skin. They multiply in many ways using the human seed (from sperms and eggs coming from masturbation and fornication with marine agents) and making hybrids with their species.

There are two types of mermaids. One, mermaids from the sea and second, mermaids from shapeshifting demons.

Now I come to the four signs that you are under attack by mermaids.

The first sign is that you are having constant dreams about water or with mermaids. My brother, if two, three, four times a week, you are dreaming you’re under the waters, or diving into the water or just taking a shower, my friends, know that you are under attack from a high level of mermaids. They’re taking you to the waters. It means that you are actually arrested and imprisoned in a cage under the water and you need the release and total deliverance from the Lord Jesus Christ.


The second sign is sensuality, vanity, and the desire to seduce men or women by wearing makeup, tight clothes, and publishing the most beautiful and provocative photos. Repeatedly and without even understanding why, you are at ease of falling in love with many men or women at the same time and you say, “I like them all.” If you’re like this, it is a sign that you are clearly possessed by a mermaid spirit.

God taught me that the second sign also includes addiction to hair attachments, body paintings and going for different types of earrings, admiring your own beauty in the mirror and saying, “I am more beautiful than so-and-so.”

If you can’t get out of the house without putting some face or nails paint, and addicted to these earrings of all kinds, you are stuck in the marine cage. If without these things you feel ugly, if you never leave your house without using these tools of the mermaids and you think men will think you are ugly and therefore have to use these things to feel beautiful, my sister, do you know that marine spirits have captured your soul through beauty?

The great sadness is that even shepherds and servants, worship singers do not understand that this is a prison of mermaids and is an abomination to God and the presence of God.

The third sign is the excessive sexual desire for various types of immorality. There is a level of sexual desire in us all but pressures from attacking mermaids cause many to have a great high desire for sex. They fall in sexual sin with several people but they are never satisfied. They always want more and so they are always masturbating as a lifestyle. In their minds, they are very polluted with sexual information. They always want a man or woman to satisfy their desires. Some are also addicted to pornography and their minds are very perverse. These people are under great attacks by the mermaids. They are already trapped in the world of waters by spirits that operate in those areas.

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The fourth sign is a strong desire for money without respecting the principles of life. It is okay to have money and everyone wants it for their expenses and so forth. But sirens attack deep in the hearts of some people and they do anything and everything to have money. Even if they are healthy and can earn an honest living, they commit crimes or resort to witchcraft to sell someone spiritually. They don’t care. All they want is to have lots of money and to show off that they are much better off than others. My brother, your desire to be rich is evil if you sell someone in witchcraft or even sleep with mermaids to satisfy your desires to be rich.

Mermaids are hidden in several sisters and they seduce the brothers of the church who want to commit seriously with God. The mermaids are hiding in sisters in seductive clothes to make many brothers fall. These brothers have no strength to seek God. They want God but they have no focus.

Facebook is another place full of mermaid spirits through photos of the sisters and also some brothers who think their value is in indecency. Many mermaids are on Facebook and many brothers do not know they are talking to mermaids. Everyone who publishes photos of indecent or sexy clothes on social media is either a mermaid or possessed by mermaids or is still under attack by mermaids. They are imprisoned in the spiritual realm of the marine kingdom. No one that is imprisoned by the mermaids can enter the kingdom of heaven. No one with the practice of the mermaids can enter the kingdom of the heavens.

Repent and change your behavior because mermaids are invading many lives, many houses, and many people. I rebuke all the spirits of the sirens of your life. I rebuke the power of vanity in your life and rebuke the power of the marine spirits in your life. I rebuke those who seduces the godly sister and brother in Church. Repent in the name of Jesus, amen!

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