I was a mystic master. I reached a very high level in occultism. When I moved to a new neighborhood, in the night I was summoning all the spirits of the inhabitants of my neighborhood to appear and parade before me.



As these human spirits appear before me, they had labels with their databases and identities and their levels of power.



I would know whether the person is a witch, a satanist, or a powerless civilian.



There is a law in the occult that when a mystic arrive in a place, he must test everybody’s power before going to sleep.



You must understand that as Christians, you are tested every day by witches in your street or work, or church. Even when you sleep, you are tested but you are protected by Jesus. They also try to attack you and bewitch you.



I was summoning the spirits of everybody to appear before me in the neighborhood but I noticed that there were 3 spirits of 3 young people that were not responding.



If you are in Christ, your spirit will never answer when you are summoned by Satanists and occultists.



After the investigation, I discovered they were Christians and intercessors.



I was capable of causing people to sleep even in the day by my will. This was usually done by the ray of light shot by my eyes.



Witches and occultists have hard times staring a man of prayer in the eyes as Christians can release powerful rays of light from their eyes. That is why when a man of prayer stares a witch in the eyes, the witch will become uncomfortable and will try to avoid that eye contact.



Now I had to deal with spirits that were not responding to my summoning and conjuring. I had to check their power and the intensity of their fire or light they were emitting.



You must note that for Christians, apart from the ray of light emitted by their eyes, they also have pillars of fire above their heads. The more fire a Christian has in his pillar, the more rays of light in his eyes.


But there are certain Christians that had little fire in their pillars but strong light in the eyes. Eyes are one of the principal organs by which Satanists bewitch and dominate people.


After my investigation, I found that 1 of these 3 young Christians did not have fire in his pillar above his head although there was light in his eyes. I decided to target him because of that.


Apart from the pillar of fire above their heads and the rays of light in their eyes, Christians also have authority automatically but this is not enough as the Bible says to “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” (James 4:7)



You can have authority but Satanists can still be around you though you are protected by that authority. But you need to seek power by submitting yourself to God in prayer and you will generate power to resist the devil. That is what they fear. A man of prayer is a man of power. So I decided to attack this third Christian because he lacked power.



I befriended him. Be careful who you befriend as the Bible says bad company corrupts good morals. (1 Corinthians 15:33)


Firstly, I stopped him from attending church because when a Christian attends church, even if his pillar of fire was off, he will come out with more fire in his pillar transmitted to him by the gathering of Christians because a church is like many fires put together.


Later I invited him to join me in my business.


Beloved, whatever proposition comes to you in life, you must be in touch with the Holy Spirit.


My first strategy was to get him away from church. The second strategy was to weaken his prayer life. A Christian is as big as his prayer life in the spirit realm so I got him very busy to stop him from having time for prayer.


Later this Christian joined me in drinking in nightclubs. Let me tell you what happens in nightclubs and bars at night.


Satanists go to the toilet and pee and this is transformed into beer and people are drinking it. Nightclubs and bars are demonic places. Christians should never go there. This Christian backslided.

My goal was to get this brother to deny Jesus Christ and Christians deny Jesus by word and actions every day.


In the spirit realm, actions and gestures matter. You may not speak but a gesture that you make constitutes a prayer.


At the nightclub, I asked for rock music because it attracts many demons. Then I asked this brother, “Between here and church, where are joy and life?”

He answered, “Here.” That answer in itself is a prayer in the spiritual realm.


Then I asked him, “Do you accept to abandon the church and that Jesus?”


As he was already bewitched and under demonic influence, he confessed his rejection of Jesus.

You know in the kingdom of darkness, if you have served Jesus and you backslided and joined them, you won’t have 24 hours to live because they know you might repent. To avoid that, you must be killed. That night after confessing his denial of Jesus, he died of cardiac arrest.





As a mystic, I was living 2 lives. I was living in 2 worlds or 2 realms – the physical and the invisible realm located between heaven and earth called the 2nd heaven.

The Apostle Paul said we are not fighting against flesh and blood but powers in the heavenly place.


Actually when Christians prayed, I was able to see their prayers rising like smoke to heaven and I could equally see God’s response to their prayers in the form of packages coming down from heaven.

But these packages were coming down slowly the more the Christian persevere in prayer, the more the package was gradually descending.


As the realm of Lucifer is located in the second heaven, they are able to see prayers rising like smoke to heaven. They can also see God’s response coming down from heaven in the form of packages.


They are demonic powers operating in the second heaven. Some of them are functioning like post office officers. They can identify where the prayer or the smoke is coming from and they can also verify the quality or condition of that prayer rising to heaven.



These demonic powers in the air do check prayers and they also try to determine the liability of prayers to be stopped or blocked particularly if the believer that is praying has legal issues or sins that are not confessed or forbidden taboo from Scriptures.


These demons also inquire and investigate God’s response and when they see a package coming from heaven and going down to earth, they will investigate to determine who is the recipient of the package and once they establish the identity of the person then they will come up with a strategy to target and overwhelm the believer with all kinds of attacks, oppressions, persecution because they know that a blessing is on its way.


These demons will desperately try to attack this believer with distraction, weakness and heaviness to stop him from continuing his prayer. They will try to bring discouragement to try and stop the believer from praying because they know that a package is on the way.

Every time a decision is taken in heaven, the kingdom of Lucifer will be the first to know. They know in advance what will take place on earth before even men. They can see your blessing coming to you before you know.


Therefore they will make your life tougher. That’s why when you notice that the more you pray, the more it is getting tougher. You got to understand it is likely that a decision was made in heaven and that a blessing is on your way.


That’s why you are overwhelmed by the kingdom of darkness but you must persevere. Despite the circumstances unfolding around your life, you must maintain your confession of faith as the Bible said the righteous shall live by faith. (Romans 1:17)


But if you become discouraged by circumstances around your life and you lose your faith and abandoned your course ignoring that your answer was already on the way and that God has already answered your prayer, then the second heaven will have legal ground and justification to block your package.


The other point is when there is sin in your life that you failed to confess, your prayer may be undermined by these sins that you were supposed to confess. Actually, your prayer will rise in heaven attached to these sins and the powers of darkness in the air may stop it. Despite this sin, God in His mercy may still answer that prayer.


But if you failed to confess your sin, then demonic powers of the air of the second heaven will have legality to divert the trajectory of your package. They can get a hold of it and you will never receive it.





One day I attended an international conference under the Pacific Ocean. You may wonder how? Actually, we were not going there by planes or boats but by concentration and astral traveling and over there, I met the authorities and the elites of this physical world including ecclesiastical authorities.


After that meeting was finished, I took the time to talk to the elite. They said to me that Christians are higher in the hierarchy of human civilization in terms of power but as they don’t know who they are, we must work to keep that status quo.


They said that Christians don’t know their Master Jesus. They have no idea who their Master is and that we should stop them from getting that knowledge and awareness. We should keep them from knowing their power and capacity so that they can operate at a lower level.


In this underwater gathering, we were instructed not to let believers fulfill their Christian commitment, whether it is prayer or reading of the Bible or serving God.


I was capable of seeing the intensity of prayer life of a Christian. I could determine whether it is higher or lower and I was working to stop them from praying and also stopping them from getting their answers or package from God.


Every time I encountered a praying Christian, I had to work to discourage him to get him distracted. I had an obligation to stop the Christian from praying. It was a priority because it is almost impossible to attack a praying Christian as he is covered by the glory of God.




Christians ignore their power and identity. They have power in their mouth and their words. They have creative power. Actually, one day as I was operational in the invisible layer of this planet, I saw a mother in our neighborhood praying. She was doing spiritual warfare prayer and attacking the parallel kingdom. I heard as she said, “I take authority against demons operating in this neighborhood. I bind them all!”


I was observing when suddenly I saw all kinds of demons that were operating in that area being rounded up by angels. These demons were rounded up, disarmed and stripped of their power and made powerless and they were bound in chains by the angels of God because of this woman’s spiritual warfare prayer.


I used to call these demon angels when I was in the occult but they were evil spirits. They were paralyzed by angels of light as a result of this woman’s prayer of authority.


Let me remind you Christians that you have the power in your word and your word can turn the spirit world upside down. You can unleash and start a war in the invisible realm any time through your prayer and spoken word.


Beloved, the devil knows that he does not have time therefore he is not resting. He is working relentlessly to attack the children of God. It is only a life of holiness that will render his attacks powerless.

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