The year 2009
I have been deformed and paralytic since birth. I received a promise to serve God while I was still in the womb. When I was born, my mother was very happy. But soon the time passed when I discovered I could not walk. My worried mother took me to the doctors and they talked about the problems I had in the vertebrae. I was raised with great love and always my father took me in the wheelchair to the church. When I was still a teenager, I fasted and prayed for God to get me out of the wheelchair.
An angel of the Lord appeared in my room and said that it will not be possible for me to walk again. Because God knows what’s going on in my heart, He had already probed inside me. There was a hidden desire that I hid from my parents to know the world, going to parties and meeting new people.
The angel said, “If I got up from that wheelchair, I would deviate from the presence of God and go to hell. My soul was precious to God, and the way to salvation is to stay in that wheelchair.” The angel said, “The grace of God is sufficient for you.”
I was praying with great fervor and my senses were sharpened. When I realized I was next to the angel, I walked perfectly and even floated. I was happy to walk beside the angel and he took me above the clouds, where I could see the universe and the people walking on the earth.
A comet flew through space and upon entering the atmosphere of the earth turned into a torch of fire. It fell on the forest, causing a great fire, destroying the vegetation. I saw the earth in great chaos and total destruction.
An angel that was in the air of heaven sounded a trumpet, and a great earthquake shook the whole earth. Several countries at the same time were hit. Then a great lightning struck the trees and the forests caught fire and many animals burned. Other animals ran to the city, ferocious animals that were in the forest invaded the cities because of the fire.
Another flash of lightning struck the electric wires, sending the houses and electrical appliances on fire. Many homes caught fire, killing millions of people. I heard a great burst in the land of a giant stone falling on the earth. The electric power was cut off and great despair took hold of the people. Companies and banks that depended on electricity were forced to stop their operation. Newscasts spoke of catastrophes and many communication networks were destroyed; television networks were off the air.
Several countries were affected by these asteroids that fell from the sky. Poverty has increased, companies have gone bankrupt and the financial crisis has increased. Many people had to get into debt because they lost everything. Stock markets were devalued in the market, prices of the euro and the dollar fell.
Jesus took me to a part of the world where there was a war between the soldiers of the army. They fought, planes were hit, ships sank through missiles. Several bombs were dropped from planes that fell and hit the ground. Houses, shops, businesses, schools, and cars were destroyed through airstrikes. I do not know what war was that, whether it’s the Third World War or the Fourth World War. What I saw was a war more destructive than the previous ones. If I join the first world war with the second world war that was on earth, it would be child’s play compared to what I saw in the vision.
I beheld a real carnage, millions of torn bodies, head to one side, legs and separate limbs. I also saw chemical weapons being used as bombs. These guns released a deadly gas that everyone who breathed that gas contaminated their bloodstream, killing millions of people. Biological bombs made from disease-causing microbes were also dumped on the ground. I saw little worms inside those bombs. And when the planes threw these biological bombs on the ground, bacteria entered people’s skins, causing wounds, sores, and other diseases that lead to death. Bacteria ate the internal organs and caused cancer.
Airplanes let out smoke, filled with viruses that contaminated the population. This virus paralyzed the body, leaving people in a vegetative state. And those who were not contaminated by the fumes, could not approach the infected to not catch the deadly virus. These weapons caused great mass destruction.
Jesus took me into another part of the vision, where I witnessed large rocks of ice falling from the sky and killing millions of people on earth. Houses, cars, businesses, and plantations were destroyed through these giant rocks of ice. The winds also became strong, causing hurricanes that knocked down trees, poles and destroyed houses, dragging people, cars, animals, and houses. The earth was in chaos, all destroyed. The government forces were faint against all this, not knowing what to do. Men realized and acknowledged the great destructive power of God, the creator of heaven and earth.
I had another apocalyptic vision. I saw the sun getting warmer, causing skin cancer in people. No one else could stand the sun and many stayed in their houses in ice baths. People who are naked on the beaches have their flesh burned to a high degree. Their skins burned with great mortal wounds. The ice of Antarctica, Alaska, the south and north poles melted and the waters of the seas increased because they received a lot of water with the melting. The animals in the cold could not stand the heat and die.
I had the last vision of a great white throne that was in the universe. The blue sky and all its atmosphere were destroyed, and there was no more ground for us to step on because the earth was also destroyed. The planet earth did not exist and millions of souls came out of Hell and returned to their bodies. They were standing before the throne of the Almighty.
That Man in white is Jesus who was very serious. An angel standing beside Him opened the book of the works of all these people’s sins. Everything was recorded and there is no way to lie at the trial. And everyone in that line was convicted. Their sins were exposed on a canvas so that they could see with their own eyes their wickedness. People from the time of Adam to that future time. All who were there went forth from their prisons in Hell to receive their judgment and eternal punishment. The judgment was righteous with righteousness, all acknowledged that they are worthy of the lake of fire. And they bowed down to Him that reigns in righteousness. They were no longer spirits and were with their fleshly bodies because they had been resurrected. The angels cast all the millions of people into the lake of burning fire and the screams were terrible.
After this last vision, my spirit returned to earth. I was puzzled and spent days without sleep until the Holy Spirit reassured me. I speak to mankind who live in sin. The future is for those who do not want to be saved from these great days. Jesus is the remedy for you that has not yet found salvation. He wants to heal your soul, your emotions and your sick body. He is the remedy for your sin and will drive out all the evil in your life and relieve the pain.
Let Jesus solve your problems. He supplies the oppressed and assists the poor. He is the solution of the sick, needy and captive. He sends the resources of Heaven when it is lacking in the earth. Those who have a willing heart have already accepted this medicine that will be enough for their life. Whoever rejects this remedy, his infirmities will never pass away, and his wounds will not heal. Whoever does not accept this remedy for salvation, they would have soul-sickness and death.

Those who mock this testimony, for these, there is no remedy. They reject the work of salvation that is freely offered and unwilling to surrender. May the Lord Jesus give an opportunity to you who have heard this testimony if you have saved us.


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