Marriage Proposal Is A Blessing And Not A Curse — Sisters Beware!

Marriage Proposal Is A Blessing And Not A Curse — Sisters Beware!

Marriage Proposal Is A Blessing And Not A Curse

One of the challenges apparently facing many bachelors is the difficulties in hunting for the fairest Lady among women with good character, whose leg is anointed with godly steps and hands filled with divine project for encouragement.

virtuous woman of spiritual understanding, elegant in beauty and
sparkly in caring, spontaneously in submission and treasonable in
wisdom. A woman, who will strengthen their spiritual intimacy with God,
enforced them to pursue godliness and ready to sell her last wrapper
(cloth) in order to anchor their dream and vision into manifest. 

she is the Golden Treasure of every man’s heart, the ripe tomatoes of
every man’s eyes and the spicy flavor of man’s belly. It so sadden that
honorable bachelors are presently faced with a serious trouble in
sorting-out this precious jewel and also terrified if their marriage
proposal would be approved or annulled. In most cases, the cost of
ultimate hunt for this precious jewel is like climbing Mount Everest,
and the course of trying to make friend with her is like swimming across
the Red Sea.

However when this honorable bachelor eventual earn a spot in her heart and
keep pressing-fort by presenting himself in handsomeness, good
hair-cut, nice shirt, sparkly shoe, perfectly iron trouser and with an
upgraded English Grammar, and some little cash to splash around in order
to attract and impressed the gorgeous Lilly before winning her love.

like trekking through Sahara Desert in bare-foot under a severe hunger
strike. And after accomplishing this tedious task by dominating about
50% of her heart with supportive prayers and godly confirmation from God
and later tender his marriage proposal, the degree of suspense whether
the marriage proposal will be approved or annulled might propel High
Blood Pressure, and even gives the brother a sleepless night because the
price of the damsel is far above rubies.

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Marriage Proposal Is A Blessing And Not A Curse:

rate which some sisters often use to reject marriage proposal has kept
me wondering. After all the efforts been portrayed by an honorable
brother, with glorious expectation to receive a positive answer, but
unfortunately at this moment the round-table answers always goes thus, “Please i am still praying over it, whenever i perceive any confirmation from God, i will inform you”

Moreover, for the past 3-6 months yet she has not beheld any sign from the Lord. And i begin to wonder, “When God had becomes so wicked, deaf, dumb and blind that he can’t hear and hearken unto a righteous plead?

am not much bothered because most sisters who often pull-this selfish
and detestable attitude are likewise sighting a strange brother afar,
with fleet of cars, mansion and investment. They always wish and pray
that the strange man would tender his marriage proposal unto them, while
neglecting to commit the activated marriage proposal tendered by the
honorable brother in prayers.

if you are victim of these ugly scenarios as my beloved sister, you
ought to understand that God’s perfect will for you in marriage isn’t a
second-hand choice but rather “Perfect”, and when you abuses or misses it the ball is in your court!

Lord’s perfect will husband might not perfectly suit the constitutional
attributes of the man you desire. This is reason why it’s called “God’s
Perfect Will” because God’s ways, thoughts and programming are not same
as yours!

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you sincerely want to succumb under God’s Perfect will you must gives
100% of your attention unto that incoming marriage proposal instead of
sighting a strange-man whose heart is also luring after another damsel
in the church.

The Worth Of Marriage: 

is not all about money but rather upholding godly principles built on
faith. When you marry a man’s of faith and vision, your life shall be
surrendered by faithfulness and blessing because money can flew but the
faith of man always speaketh for him.

ever he goes, he is always favored because faith is the bedrock of
receiving from God. “I plead you re-amend your constitutional law of the
kind of man you want to marry”

often says, “money shouldn’t be your first priority while x-ray a man.
But rather, you should pin-point your mind on his vision and dreams, his
caring attitude, understanding, humility, hardworking, spiritual life
and respect he has for you”

you marry any man due to money, you will be caged. I mean, you shall be
imprisoned in that marriage because he might not have time to cuddle,
strike a beautifying conversation or share your emotional needs with you
because you are an emotional being.

need someone who could create time to always give you attention, listen
and rub mind together, and someday his handsome face shall fade and
smooth body diminished but his caring heart will always flourish. And
you shall be crown the Queen of his Empire because you share his vision,
dreams and patiently struggle altogether to build such a magnificent

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Lastly, please always
consider any marriage proposal that comes along your way and mostly from
young pastors, don’t be scare of getting marry to a pastor because it’s
a blessing. Always ensure you
pray over it fervently and stop been selective because God’s perfect
will husband might not likely befit your documented do and do’s you are
seeking in man.

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