My Encounter With Jesus Christ By Evangelist Emmanuel Omoobajesu

My Encounter With Jesus Christ By Evangelist Emmanuel Omoobajesu

The confession of Evangelist Emmanuel Omoobajesu, was a heart pricking testimony, because he was once a very powerful member and High court in the Devils Kingdom. Some of the things about him are: his cultist name that Satan gave him “Bag Of Wickedness.
The authorities stopped arresting him when he was in the Dark Kingdom because they could never keep him in prison – He would render himself invisible and escape. Once a squad of soldiers commanded by a major came to arrest him and Emmanuel told him, “I have killed more men than your eyes have ever even seen.”
They opened up on him with AK-47’s and he handed them the bullets! Emmanuel was saved by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself who appeared to him and changed his name to Emmanuel Omoobajesu which means in Yoruba language (Nigeria), “Son Of King Jesus.”
Evangelist Emmanuel Omoobajesu
One day as I sat in my house, I hear the barrel of knocks on my door.  I was so annoyed, I wondered who on earth was so bold as to knock on my door. When I opened the door, it was a Christian woman who was the only tenant living in our house because that house belonged to my mother.  It was my mother’s property, when I saw this lady, my hair stood on my head.
Every hair on my body stood on edge.  My eyes reddened and it seems as if I should kill the woman instantly or that I should cause the air to swallow her alive for what she had done. The reason why I prohibited anybody from knocking on my door is because earlier on, I had made a type of deadly charm which I bought to my room.
Wherever such a charm is placed, it must of necessity, be prohibited to knock on the door of such a room. Therefore after, I had got this charm, I called everyone living in that house, including the woman who came out to knock on my door.  I gave all of them a strong warning, never to come and knock on my door.
I also called all of my friends, those that were in the same occultic society together, I called them and I gave them the same strong warning.  And an English adage says to be fore warned is to be fore armed.
Now a long time has passed and nobody violated my strict order. But on this faithful day when that woman came along, she did what nobody had ever done. Ever since that warning, I mean she knock on my door against my orders.  Hence, I concluded that it was a deliberate attempt to provoke me to fight her. As I opened the door to see the rebel, as this woman saw the loo on my face, she quickly threw a paper that was already folded into my room and left.
I guess she was afraid or intimidated because of my look. The look on my face but after she was gone, I slam the door in fierce anger and decided to harm the woman by means of my native charms.  By means of my medicine, which I call at that time a remote control, just to teach her the lesson of her life.
 Actually, I had been looking for a good chance to deal with this Christian woman in our house before this time.  So it’s like I wanted to roast her and eat her up and she had put some butter on her body to stand by my fireplace.  That’s a kind parable.
She had earlier offended me on two different occasions which I don’t believe she was conscious of that but I held those things in my mind, in my heart.  But what were her offenses?   There was another woman, a petty trader who was selling bananas in the nearby market.
I went to buy from this woman some bananas to be used in preparing some charms, some medicines, as a part of the recommendations for the medicine that I want to prepare, it is of a necessity for me to ask for extra like a gift from the seller.  Yoruba call such extra in funmi ni eni, that means  “give me some extra”
Whether I was given the extra or not, is not the point of the matter, but I must ask. So I asked from the woman to give me extra, which she replied calling me a thief.  So I begged her and left her yet determined in my heart to deal ruthlessly with her in return therefore in order to punish her, I went and made a charm, using her name, which I hung in the fireplace in my house.
By the means of this charm, I had rendered this woman barren. If she ever got pregnant at all, her womb and stomach will become very hot, excessively hot.  And such pregnancy will be terminated and so she started to run from one hospital to another.  From one native doctor to another and from on witch doctor to another, all to no avail.
I was just mocking at her and I was mocking at her futile efforts which she was putting in to be free from the bondage that I put her in.  She even came to me for several occasions for help, not knowing I was the very source of her problem. So I made sure I got plenty of money from her until her trade was ruined and she could no longer continue with the business.
She had been going about with this sorrow in her life for about maybe seven years before she met this Christian woman, I mean the tenant in our house. The Christian woman started to preach to her I guess, she started preaching to her, telling her something about her faith, about Jesus and she’ll try to tell her that Jesus is the answer to all the problems of life and the only way to God and the rest of it.
And often times I do see this lady coming into our house to visit this lady that was living in our house. The banana seller used to come into our house to visit this other lady.  Then I just pretended as if I did not notice either of them and I was mocking them, I go about my own business.
Sooner, they became very tight friends and the woman who had the problem had been attending the woman’s fellowship meetings in the church of this Christian woman. Then their friendship grew stronger within a short period and for about three months they continued together in attending the church fellowship and prayers regularly.
One calling the other while going beside the usual fellowship in the church, the two women often times would fix a meeting in our house and conduct overnight prayers. I said to myself, let them continue doing whatever they like, they don’t understand what they are doing, they are only joking.
But after they had prayed like this for some time to my utter dismay, I discovered one day that red ants, which Yoruba language in Nigeria call Ija lo, had collected on those charms that I made to affect that woman.
This is an indication that it had been spoilt; it had no effect on that woman anymore.  I became furious.  I said so these women calling Jesus Jesus in our house, every night have spoiled my charm eventually. They will see something; they will pay for it I promised. So I went and made another charm, more terrible than the former.
banana plantation where charm are buried
This second charm I buried in a banana plantation, deep inside one jungle on the outskirts of the city of Ibadan. Ibadan is the largest city in West Africa and Ibadan is in Nigeria, which is today, the capital of Oyo state of Nigeria. Where no man could have any ready access to, the charm was so terrible in effect because the way I made it, as long as banana plantains are being harvested in any form, anywhere in the world, in every year, such a woman would remain barren.
But if no one in the whole world ever harvests banana or plantain throughout a year, if this was possible, then the problem would be solved.  Otherwise, her problem remains with her. However, this woman, having now put her faith in Jesus Christ continues to pray without losing heart.
Again, to my utter disgust, I just discovered one of the days that a bulldozer, a tractor, came along and cleared that jungle, uprooting all the bananas and plantains with my charms of course. I later learn that the then western region government, which is now made up of Oyo, Ogun, Ondo, Lagos state and Bendel had declared that area set aside for a government project and so the jungle had to be cleared.
However, after I had become a Christian, I began to understand that if God wants to rescue his own children, he moves in a mysterious way. The fact about this case, the fact became clearer to me that the government of heaven seeking to free this woman from the bondage of Satan which I have put her in, motivated the western region government to acquire the jungle and clear my charms off.
Here, let us read Romans 13:1, take your bible right now, if you have one around you, and let us quickly have a glance of that. The thirteenth chapter of the book of Romans and the first verse “Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. Whosoever therefore resisteth the power resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation.”
What I’m saying here is, let every soul be subject unto the higher powers, but there is no power but of God.  The powers that be are ordained of God.  So when this incidence happened, I concluded that it was the Christian woman tenant again, who advised the other woman to be praying in the manner they did.
Hence, I held her responsible for spoiling my charms on those two occasions and promised that she must one day pay very dearly for her actions. All these decisions I took where unknown to them. Either one of the ladies known that I had taken such a decision to punish them both.  I said to myself, well I have tied someone down and this Christian woman released her from bondage through her prayers.  I must take my revenge on her one day.
This was how the tenant woman offended me. So on that faithful day when she banged on my door. She banged on my door, bang, bang, bang, bang, knocking on my door.  My long awaited opportunity eventually arrived.
At that time in question, I had a native charm, a medicine, a demonic power made from the blood of 201 black cats. It was a waist band, Yoruba call that kind of charm, that kind of medicine, in Yoruba language, and they call it onde or olonde.

With the charm, with this kind of medicine, I could kill anybody, without even having to meet them in person.  Or I can make them sick without having any physical contact with them whatsoever.

It could be used in many other situations; for example, if there was a conflict or even a war between two villages or two groups of peoples or two nations and you go to the war front with this charm on you, it will make you invisible.  There are some incantations and enchantments that you can render and this thing makes you invisible.
If you then draw closer to the enemy’s territory and strike the ground with the charm three times, saying the appropriate incantations, almost immediately all types of bananas and plantain trees will sprout out from nowhere.  All over the area with ripe fruits on them.
Now if a person from the enemy camp comes along feeling so hungry and he took any of these fruits, he has taken a deadly poison.   There are yet many other ways this charm or this medicine could be used.
But the best way I had often put the charm to use is four nails, you get nails, you have four nails and these four nails are put on the wall with the top most one of those nails, being about 13 inches away from the  nearest of the set of the other three nails remaining.  Which I separated from each other by two shutter gaps.
All the four nails are arranged vertically, downwards.  If I wanted to use the charm to cause body ache to somebody, I would first hang the charm on the top nail, and then draw the lower end of it down to hang it on the left of the three nails beneath.  If to cause somebody to be fainting frequently, it would be drawn to the second nail.
But if it was to kill instantly, I would draw that nail down to the last nail which is the fourth one in the row. Initially, I decided to harm the woman directly with this charm, but upon second thought, I reasoned that it would pain her more if I would punish her indirectly by attacking one of her children.
Therefore, after I had called the name of the little boy, after I had called his name, the youngest of her children, which was a boy to the charm, with the appropriate incantations and enchantments, I drew the waistband to the first nail.  Immediately, the child cried aloud to his mother for help.
the weeing mother with her child
When she observed that the condition of the child had changed, she also cried for help.  There was a witch doctor whose house was next to her house. The man ran inside and brought a liquid medicine for the woman to use.
The woman told the witch doctor bluntly, “sorry sir I cannot use that medicine because Jesus Christ is sufficient for me”. Then the herbalist said “if Jesus Christ is sufficient for you, why then cry for help?
The woman said “I cried for Jesus and not for a man” So the woman replied back, so the man went away in shame because she made the witch doctor realize that Jesus Christ was sufficient for her. Meanwhile I was watching this woman in a magic crystal ball in my room and I could hear all their discussions, all what they were saying, all what she was saying to the witch doctor and what the witch doctor was replying back to her, I could hear everything but they could never see me or hear me.
Then I also stood up, carried a dreadful medicine, a concussion, which Yoruba call agbo in Yoruba language and I went to her.  I went to this lady and I told to her, I heard you cry for help and I have come to help you so let us quickly use this thing for your child who is dying, I added.
I knew that if her son partook of the medicine, he would be healed because I was the one who bond him and I would go and lose him, but the same medicine would make him to catch incurable tuberculosis.  But again, this woman refused bluntly to use the medicine for her son.
She replied with Yoruba proverb saying, “Eni yan to ba le ekumejiyokpofo”, being interpreted, “anybody running after two bush rats simultaneously will end up killing neither one of them”. She said that she could therefore not have Jesus and then depend on charms again. Right there, I started to curse her with a charm saying your son will surely die because you refuse to use my medicine.
The woman replied with all confidence, she said, because Jesus lives forever, my son will not die. Each time I cursed her that her son will surely die, she firmly replied that Jesus is her life forevermore and so her son must also live.
When all efforts to force here to use my medicine failed, I tried to provoke her to anger. I said, you are a total fool, a compound fool because you refuse to use my medicine for your son. But she did not even give me any reply anymore.  So I left her in shame and I left her room, and I was also sent away , I fealt disgusted, wondering in my mind, in my heart, what kind of a woman, what kind of  a person is this?
On returning to my room, I continue to watch this woman and her son in my magic ball.  She removed her head tie and tie it around her waist, she continue to pray with such a fervent zeal, I’ve never seen anyone like that before.
I was just mocking her even though she’s doing something or somethings to amaze me, I was still mocking her. Both her actions and her words of prayer, I was mocking her.  She prayed vigorously like this for a long time, when she started getting weak, she called her daughter who was the eldest child and send her to go and call their church evangelist.
The name of the girl she calls was Bose, Abosede. I laughed loudly in my room and said oh, so you are now calling another savior. You are no longer calling on that Jesus. I will see that your Jesus today. As the little girl stepped out of the house, I too quickly entered one magically circle in my room.
The purpose for doing that was that I invoked out a very wicked demonic spirit and I ordered him to go and strike the girl dead. Then I said the sick boy at home is a problem unsolved, and then the dead girl, would be an added sorrow, so go and strike the girl dead.  But the demon throws a question to me and I will never forget.
He just ask me a simple question and he said, what has the girl done?. So he refused to carry out my orders, he declined to go. The girl went and within ten minutes, the evangelist arrived at the scene with other youths from their church.
As soon as they stepped in to the woman’s room, nobody asked any questions, but instead they all started praying for the sick child. Eventually, the evangelist asked the lady, what is wrong with your child?  But the lady said well, I cannot tell you, all I can tell you is that you should pray because I don’t want to tell you, if I tell you, I might create some fear in your heart and where there is fear, there is no faith. So I want our faith to work together, that’s a lesson right there.
So if you’re a Christian today and you’re afraid of your life, you are afraid to face reality of life, just see there’s going to be failure because fear and faith, they don’t work together.
One thing I noticed on that day, was that the voice of their prayer was like a great waterfalls, as they prayed, it seemed to me as if they were all simply saying, Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus, I did not hear anything apart from Jesus.  I sat looking at them and wondering, because I was looking at my crystal ball, I was seeing them there. Everyone in that room, I can see them from my room.

Then I begin to question in my mind, what type of people are these. I tied somebody down in my room here and they’re calling on Jesus to come and free him in their own room out there.  Who is this Jesus to loosen the person I had tied down?

Today, I will see that Jesus, let him dare to come and loosen the body, I said, little did I know that I was prophesying on that day, when I said I will see that Jesus. Little did I know I was prophesying. As I watched them from my ball, I also kept a vigilant eye on my charm on the wall.
When their prayer had grown very hot, I looked up and to my surprise, the lower nail to which I hooked the waistband, was pulling out gradually.  I therefore took a hammer and nailed it back into the wall. I went and sat down again to continue watching them from my magic ball.
To my surprise again, no sooner had I sat down had the nail flung out of the wall entirely and i was unable to trace out its whereabouts. This made me got more angry.  I then drew the charm to the second nail, after calling the name of the child with incantations and the child fainted.

They never relaxed in their prayers and nobody even open his eyes or her eyes to see how it was going with the child. They just kept on calling Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus.  The voice of their prayer went up higher and higher and higher and higher.The second nail also got removed out of the wall and besides that it broke a magic mirror hanging on the opposite wall in the room.
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The mirror was a locally made one, I got it from the occult body, society known as egbeawoile, and they are usually referred to in Yoruba land (western tribes in Nigeria) as egbeomoabilesoroki le lanu. Ebgeawoile means the cult of the air. Anyway and this satanic mirror has no other purpose than to kill people.

When you call somebody into the mirror through incantations and enchantments and mediums, she must appear no matter what charms she has or what powers he depends on. If he turns his back on you in the mirror, it means you can’t kill or harm him, however, if a person appears, facing you directly and you talk to him with incantations, that person will surely die.

The Lord Jesus knew that my waist band will certainly fail and that I would then come to the mirror to use the mirror, so he first broke the mirror out, before destroying the waist band. When my mirror broke, I said loudly, this people have done their worst and now I will do mine. So I failingly call the names of both the mother and the child with incantations and drew the charm to the last nail remaining.
Immediately, both the mother and the child fell down dead. When the preacher, the evangelist heard the fall, he opened his eyes to see what had happened.  On seeing both the mother and the child, dead, he and his colleagues stopped praying.  He removed his coat, and I said immediately in my room, did you remove your coat?
christian warfare
You will also remove your pants also. You will remove your pants. What brought you here to come and murder a woman and her son, you will definitely explain yourself to the government, I concluded. And I thought they were going to fail on that day, so that I could report an alleged murder case to the law enforcement authorities.
But God brought out his glory and he glorified himself, Jesus never fails, don’t forget.  After removing his coat, he said now, I alone will pray and he instructed the youths with him in the room with him that they should say amen when necessary but otherwise, everybody should keep quiet. So he started praying, he started to pray, he prayed aloud and these are part of what he said okay?
“He said, Lord God of hosts, you are the lord and beside you, there is no other savior.  I thank you for the good promises in your word, the bible. You said in your word that thou will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee because he trusted in thee.  Again oh Lord your word says, surely you shall deliver us from the snare of the fowler and again, there shall be no evil that will befall thee.
Again, you said that you are the God of all flesh; there is nothing impossible unto you.  Even this woman and her son who are now dead. It is not impossible for you to raise them up. You said you are the Lord, you change not.
Lord, Lord, I believe you are truthful, you are a righteous God, your word says in the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God.  The same was in the beginning with God, all things were made by him, and without him was not anything made that was made and he was life. And the life was the light of men and the life shineth in darkness and the darkness comprehended it not”
In his prayer, the man quoted the scriptures as if he was a co-author of the bible with God. After these words, he stopped, he was quiet.  After the man threw a question to God and the answer from God to that question brought confusion, a total confusion to the evil forces and power that was in me or in my house.
And this was the question he asked God, he said, “Lord Jesus, Lord Jesus Christ, shall darkness comprehend your power?  Meaning that “Lord Jesus Christ will Satan overcome your name? Thank God. Thank God. Hallelujah. Jesus does not delay for a moment before he sent his reply down because he does not want any stain on his precious name.
jesus healing a child
Immediately after this question was asked there was a lot of confusion in my room then I heard a snap sound and I looked up, the waist band was cut into two equal halves so neatly as if it was cut with a sharp razor.
When I noticed that the charm has cut, I cried aloud in deep sorrow, considering the troubles and sufferings I underwent before the charm was made.  However, the woman and her son came back to life.  The evangelist said to her, “the war is now over, stand up go and take your bath and bathe your son also”
I was greatly annoyed and sorrowful.  I then decided to know the person who sends the woman to me to throw charms into my room, so that I may deal more ruthlessly with him or her. I inquired from my magic ball, my crystal ball who was the person that send this woman to me to throw this charm into my room because the paper she threw in my room, I thought it was a charm to harm me with.
crystal ball
What I saw in the crystal ball intrigued me. I saw a man appear whose eyebrows where just like the rainbow, his eyeballs like the sun rise and at his clothes, I cannot form words, no vocabulary to describe it, let me just call it glory.  I kept on looking at him.  My mouth agape.
Finally, I asked him, who are you.  And he replied, “I am the Lord Jesus Christ who died for your sins.  Believe me and thou shall be saved”  I then shouted at him, “get out of here, otherwise I will show you that man pass man, and position pass power
I threatened him more, but he just laughed. I grew wild the more, I asked him, don’t you know me. Have you never heard about me? I’m talking to you and you’re laughing, you want to die? So I decided to kill him instantly. I took one liquid charm, like liquid iodine, that’s what it was like to throw on the figure on my ball.
But to my surprise the liquid became solidified and my hands were hung up in mid air so that I could neither raise them up nor lower them down. I kept on struggling to free myself while the man in the magic ball was just laughing at me.  In annoyance, I kicked the magic ball with my feet and broke it.
Then I went and took another ball, though it’s like a pendant, we call it crystal gazing to inquire the same thing as before.  And when I met my inquiry, I also saw Jesus Christ and I said get away, you’re the Lord of yourself and I’m the lord of my own house.
Why should you keep on saying that you dies for me? I then break that crystal gazing also.  After this, I came to my senses and said, instead of destroying all my great articles, all my great powers, it would be better I broke the charm that this woman brought into my room for I was thinking the paper she threw in my room was a charm.
I therefore decided to know the type of medicine which the woman threw into my room, so that I could neutralize it, neutralize the power that  was in the charm. So I took the paper which I supposed was the charm by my left arm, I took it , chanting the incantation that could render the medicine powerless.
So I unwrapped the roll. I continued to sing another song with the words of incantations.  When I was satisfied and I opened up the paper, there was nothing like powder found in it, there was nothing like ring, like amulet, except the words that were written “Revival, Revival, Revival.”
Then the venue followed, the time, the date, then it continued to say blind see, the lame walk, the deaf hear, the dead are raised and we have the gospel preached to the poor. I read this description and laughed like a mad man. I mean I laughed to scorn. I wondered and I said oh is this why I broke all my precious apparatus, all my precious articles.
Is this what cause this woman to suffer herself and her son so much to the point of death? Besides, I added, the man who printed this flyer is a complete fool.  Why is he campaigning about raising the dead when after all I used to rise up the dead in invocation at any time while performing magical shows.
He’s now printing leaflets that he can raise the dead, if he knows he can raise the dead, why don’t he enter into the hospital and command the mortuary to be opened if he can and just command all the dead people there to get out of the place. Then I said further, even the woman who brought the leaflet was a fool because she was sent to the dead, the blind, the deaf and the crippled.
Why then did she come to me?  Well, i failed to realize that anyone living in unbelief is blind to the mysteries of God.  Anybody who is not walking in the ways of Jesus Christ is a crippled, for sure. Anybody who cannot walk in the ways of Jesus Christ is a crippled.  Then I said to myself, that day, I said to myself, its okay, it’s okay, it’s okay.
I’ll go to the very revival ground at night to show the man something. My purpose of going to that revival was not to hear the gospel of peace, but to harm the preacher.  You see what evil is awaiting preachers out there?

So if you are a preacher and you’re reading this confession. I’m telling you that the battle has to be won on your knees before you go out there to witness about Jesus Christ. If you are a prayerless Christian, you are a powerless Christian. If you’re too busy to pray, you’ll be too busy to live a holy life.

I repeat, my purpose of going to that crusade ground that night was not to hear the gospel but to harm the preacher.  When the evening came eventually, I went to the revival ground.  However, I did not mingle with the crowd; but instead, I stayed in a dark, isolated, a little distance from the congregation.
There I tried all I could to disgrace the preacher by means of evil spirits and native charms but all efforts proved to be abortive, it was all in vain. To begin with, I ordered some demonic spirits to stand on guard round about me and ensure that nobody passes through that area.  I told those demons that I wanted to walk on the evangelist that was preaching there and I started to walk right away.

I called the demonic spirit in the demonic world known as Jehovalahim, he is i charge of fire i the kingdom of Satan. It is this demonic spirit that fire eaters and shango worshipers who carry fire have to appease before they can perform that kind of magic.

So from him, they obtain the power to overcome any earthly fire but know that the fire from Heaven has no antidote okay? The Heaven’s fire has no antidote, so there’s no incantation that can subdue that.I told this demon, go to the mist of these people and cause any of their electrical appliances to spark fire or let the life wires of the lightings touch. Do anything you can to cause a big fire so that some people will be burnt and get hurt.
Go forward, I commanded. He took three steps forward and then he stopped. What’s wrong, I asked.  He replied that he couldn’t proceed any further than that. Why I questioned, he then called me to come and see.
Then I used my inner eyes so I too moved forward to look.  However, it’s not with the natural eyes, I told you I look with my inner eyes.  I looked into it, he asked me what it was.  What did you see, what could you see there? I replied it was fire.  I can see bunch of fire out there.  Then he said that fire you see is the fire that consumes fire.

Actually, the fire was like the fire of an extraordinary furnace and it encircled the whole congregation, then extending for several meters in diameter.  The flames went sky ward indefinitely. So this demon told me that he could not go.

So, i rebuked him and said, but you are fire yourself why are you afraid of fire.  He said, it is not like that, it is not like that.  And he repeated his earlier assertion, that fire you see out there, that fire you’re looking at, it’s the fire that consumes fire. I shouted at him and gave him license to depart immediately, then I invoke another demon to carry out the assignment, but he responded with a question, he asked, you have sent someone who couldn’t go, how can I go?

Then I sent him away also, then I called the fourth of the superior spirits, the fourth person in the spirit government, in the government of Satan, whose name is Belial. Anywhere you see some people gathering, holding a meeting or dance party and later they start fighting using chairs or their benches or slippers to whip up themselves.

Perhaps they cut each other or stab each other with knives or broken bottles, it is the spirit of Belial, the demonic spirit who has visited them. That is his own function in the satanic order to cause quarrels and confusion.
Be it in a family, among friends or even in the community, then I commanded Belial to go forward, work on them and let them start fighting. I said to myself after all, they call themselves revivalists, when they start beating each other with benches, with wires and the rest of it, the newspapers will carry it in the headlines the next day that revival turns to a free for all fight.
Carry on, come on, I commanded the demon. He too took a few quick steps and then stopped.  What’s wrong again, I inquired.  He asked me to come and see and I moved in to look again.  This time, it was no longer fire I saw but it was blood.
The whole place looked like as if it were an abattoir where millions of animals have been freshly slaughtered.  It was as if all the people were totally immersed in the flowing river of the blood.  He asked me, what could you see there and I replied him, “blood, blood, it looked like blood”.
He told me pointedly, that is the blood of the Lamb of God.  But since I didn’t understand him, I asked him again mocking, you mean that God has a sheep and that he killed it and the blood of it is now frightening you, is that what you’re saying? I too have a sheep at home; I will kill it for you later, so that you can drink the blood.

He said, it is not like that he said firmly, that is the blood of the Lamb of God, who taketh away the sins of the world.  He added, nothing in this world or in any death can face that blood in combat.

So he bluntly refused to go and I shave him up also.  When I realize those demons could not help me carry out my assignments, I resorted to using my already prepared native charms. I recited a very powerful incantation and when I finished it, I commanded that the evangelist should fall down dead on the platform.
Just then he jumped up joyfully and asked the congregation to shout hallelujah. The shout was almost deafening, so whenever I gave the command in my dark hideout for the man to drop dead, he responded with the joyful shout of hallelujah.  I concluded that the man was mad for failing to obey my orders.
And I don’t even know why my charms could not work on him.  However, his sermon that he was preaching that night started to hit me like a catapult stones, like a sling shot, started to hit me. Pinching my heart like a needle and washing my heart like a bleach. 
At this very stage, the evangelist stopped, pointed in my direction as if he can see me, though I know he cannot see me physically. That might probably be discernment in the spirit and asked the congregation to pray. And he said there is a dark power around here. Pray that God will lighting that darkness, that there should be light in it.

They all prayed at once, and the evangelist also prayed. A big flash of light came out of the mouth of that evangelist and disappeared into heaven.  On returning, it was accompanied by all forms of weapons of war all rushing towards me, besides that, I was encircled by a very bright light, much brighter than the sun at noon.

Though I was the only one seeing these things, yet it seemed to me as if everybody in the congregation was looking at me and was seeing every wicked thing I was doing in the darkness out there.  Then, an almost unbelievable thing happened to me.  For the first time, I became afraid, as those weapons got closer, I ran for my dear life.  Anybody who saw me running that night will wonder what on earth was making me run.
But as for me, I knew what was chasing me. When I could no longer feel those dread full weapons of war anymore and those soldiers, I turned and went back to crusade ground.  I said to myself, that man, that is the evangelist, most surely die today.  Today, he must die.
However, by the time I got back to the crusade ground, the sermon was over and the crowd had dispersed but the evangelist and his colleagues were busy packing up their equipment.  I went straight to him and shook his hands.
My intention for shaking hand with him, because in those days, I only shake hand with my enemy, my intention for shaking hand with him, was to cause his hand to be withered. I want him to be crippled in his hand, I greeted him in Yoruba language and said, ekuishe Oluwa, meaning wishing you more grease to your elbow in the work of God.
Then I challenged him, “sir, you are not doing the will of my mother,” this is a kind of incantation, meaning that he is going against the wishes of the witchcraftAnd he is not obeying them, or paying homage or respect to them at all. I started pouring incantations on him, face to face.  When I finished, I commanded him to start sleeping.
Which means, in other words, if he eventually falls asleep, he’s dead, he’s a dead man.  So I commanded him to start sleeping. He replied me so calmly and said “gentleman, Jesus neither sleeps nor slumber”.  In answer to his reply, I gave him a dirty slap on his face.  I said, I ask you to be sleeping, you’re saying Jesus does not sleep.
What concerns Jesus with me, am I speaking to Jesus or I’m speaking to you? The evangelist never retaliated. I expected him to beat me or hit me back, but he never did retaliated. He just remarked again, just as calmly as before, “you are an instrument for God’s use”. I flared up again upon hearing that because I considered it that he was cursing me at that time.
I pointed to his face, touching his nose, shouting at the top of my voice, you’re the one God will use, you’re the one God will use. All my attempts to provoke him to fight were melted by his gentleness. I did not know what to do again, I left him still shouting what I thought to be a curse, that he is the instrument for God’s use.  I wept bitterly, I left him and I went home.  That was my first encounter with Jesus.

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