The Danger Practice Of Oral Sex In Christian Marriage

The Danger Practice Of Oral Sex In Christian Marriage

The Danger Practice Of Oral Sex In Christian Marriage
Oral sex satisfaction between married Christian couples is abominable. It’s is a sin because it is an act of masturbation. That was not an original purposed of God in creating Eve for Adam. Eve was created for Adam for the sake of reproduction, multiplying and replenishing the whole earth surface. However in this message we are going to be discussing the below topic on the reason and facts about the danger practice of oral Sex in Christian Marriage.

    When Christian couples indulges into Oral sex it profited nothing because it obviously work contrary against the original perfect will of God for creating SEX. Internet pornography is leading millions into the lake of fire. God’s Holy Spirit will speak to man but not forever if they don’t listen.
    If you are a Christian who practices oral sex, and masturbation, Gods Spirit brought you to this online evangelist ministry to read the truth. But he will not speak to you forever to convince you its wrong, even born again Christians who are not totally pure. The Father is a God of “Order” he designed our sexual organs to interact with one another and that’s their purpose.

    When we use these organs in another place it’s called perversion or twisting something from its original use. Oral sex is both a perversion even inside of the marriage Covenant and is a homosexual act. The world thinks you possess “Power” when you are receiving oral sex from the woman, but on the contrary, the woman feels like she is in power when she is performing on the man.
    So, Satan’s sex is the embodiment of deviance, that’s why it always feels wrong, and right now you can feel that guilty conscience sprouting inward of you. It’s simply because God’s “Spirit” is uprooting your conscience to stop this filthy act. Did you know that you are actually engaging in a lawless power exchange?
    The man is actually putting himself into “Bondage” and you are being deceived by Satan. The woman is gaining a false sense of power, but “You” are now subject to the sin. The Devil is administering a false sense of power through illegal sex and forbidden oral sex.
    This power exchange has not been ordained by God, so it transpires consequences like addiction, diseases and countless dirty dreams that can harvest in the psyche for up to fifty years. Oral sex is a trap, for anytime you gain dominion outside Gods will you are a “Rebel.” You are in direct rebellion against the spiritual realm.
    The “Demon” spirit of oral sex must be cast out in Jesus name. The spirit of oral sex can infiltrate our dreams where she will open doors with her mouth. This is the symbol of the Demon with an ambience of power. Satan’s minion has mastered the filthy method to advance the world system, just look at the people who use oral sex to get what they want in jobs, the music industry, for money, and wives.
    People have been adopting the spirits tradition for years to advance in the material life. Don’t be a hypocrite and try to justify sin, I have exposed the truth and a righteous person acknowledges the truth so what are you? God wants mankind to glorify him in humility and grace, not a perversion. Even nature warns us it’s nasty, don’t be fooled by the “Human nature” which belongs to Satan, “Spiritual” nature expresses it’s a sin.
    How can a pure Holy God watch a man-made in his image and likeness think consuming bodily fluids, urine and faeces has any place with the communion of Jesus Christ? So-called Christian Pastors brainwash its “Ok” to do apart from a few Holy Spirit blessed people who want to “Save” the souls.

    If you are commanded by God not to defile the marriage bed you have gained knowledge, but if you continually practice oral sex your conscience is seared by the nagging Spirit of God.

    Slowly over time, you will adopt a taste for it, then an appetite, and later an addiction, proven today by many women who can’t even orgasm without oral sex. The Spirit of oral sex actually reprograms the body to not respond properly, and we become “Bound” to sin. You acquire an appetite for it just like Eve got a taste for the sin in Eden.
    The Devil can drive many straight people to become homosexual just through the act of oral sex. There are penalties that come from rebellion so learn to read the Bible with the Holy Spirit. Denial is not only verbal; you can deny the Maker with your actions, silence and oral sex. True born-again Christians are not like other people; we represent the truth, not a watered-down gospel, and are “Obedient” till death.
    We are not trying to sustain life here on earth; we are establishing an eternal life with God. True born-again Christians are different and humble and we have “Ears” to hear, so let him “Hear.” How many people truly understand the third book of the Bible Leviticus and its purity message all throughout?
    So, ask yourself if you symbolized cutting up your body as a burnt offering and your heart was pleasing to the Lord, but your sexual organs were not because you masturbate and watch porn, or your mouth is cut up to only find that you lie, and participate in oral sex would it be pleasing to the Lord?
    God requires all human beings to use our sexual organs for what it was intended for, sexual intercourse within marriage blessed by God with purity in mind, and our mouths for eating, reading the Bible, singing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, worshipping God, proclaiming the good news, teaching our children correct biblical knowledge, prayer, honouring our wives, Mother and Father and speaking love to one another with humility and peace.
    So, if we cut up our body parts symbolically we are proclaiming to the Lord we will repent and never use these parts of the anatomy ever again to dishonour God or sin. Here is my all my body and everything is yours so come and consume it, which in-turn the fire of God comes on the offering.
    The all-consuming fire is a picture of the baptism of the Holy Spirit; we have to pay the price totally for salvation and greater rewards in heaven. More than 95 percent of believers do not have much discernment, so be careful and learn from Leviticus as it contains a lot of wisdom.
    Participating in oral sex as a married Christians diminished you as a believer and that is reason why you don’t seen to find that boldness in discussing it with your brethren. It will watered down your christian esteem and makes you look dirty, even your conscious mind can attest unto this fact, because while indulging into oral sex, the spirit within always itched that you are breaking the godly principles and definite use of your body parts.
    Oral sex is dangerous and also a sinful practice among married Christians couples. Oral sex is disgusting and dirty before God. It contradict the actual plans of God for both marriage and sex. It’s selfishness and immoral act. Hence, failure to repent from this sinful practice of oral sex among Christian couples will always result into severe a consequence. James 4:17 Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.
    This is exact reason why many genuine christian homes are suffering and been afflicted in sorrows and problems because they had refused to inquired from the Holy Ghost about the source of their problems. Majority are been afflicted by an unknown spiritual attack as a result of the loophole and gate of sinfulness been opened to the enemy due to the involvement in oral sex. To be continue in next topic The Scriptural Condemnation Of Oral Sex In Christian Marriage”

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